Ways to connect up with Vozo.com

There are many ways to link to Vozo.com.  Choose the one that works best for you.

Toolbar Button

One way to get Affiliate Status is to place our button on your toolbar or template (anything in the same place on most of your pages.)

Affiliate Status means:

  • Guaranteed link
  • Bolded link
  • Ranked site based on traffic you send and appeal to our visitors
  • We'll try to include your short factual description
  • Free http://Kewl.to/yoursite URL (Coming soon!)
  • Other Useful Utilities when Available (Several in the works)

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Make us your Links page

A better way to connect your toolbar is to put a "Links" text link on it.

This also gives you Affiliate Status and saves you work by allowing us to process your link requests for you. Because other sites also use us as their linkpage and send traffic to your listing, it's like swapping links with everyone else without having to go through all the email and constantly checking for dead links!

Better yet, large "professional" quality sites may qualify for our Premier status!


Vozo Banners

Anyone can place a Vozo banner on their webpage. Place one near the top of your main page and we'll be sure to link back to you.
See more sites at Vozo.com


Other methods of Linking

We're happy to accept any sort of linkback that you'd like to send us. Place a banner or button anywhere you like (but only one per page please.) Or make your own text links. We don't have an official policy for other types of links, but we'll look at what you've done and we'll see what we can do!

Despite all our rules, we sometimes list sites that don't even give us link backs. After all, any great link is something that our surfers might enjoy!